Fat Dissolving


Fat Dissolving: effective injection lipolysis, fat removal without a scalpel. Aqualyx is currently the only substance registered in the reduction of adipose tissue, using the intralipotherapy method.

Contrary to the substances used in aesthetic medicine so far, it has an official European registration for injections of adipose tissue.

This drug does not contain phosphatidylcholine. It is now well known that phosphatidylcholine has no effect of destroying fat cells.

The actually acting substance in the phosphatidylcholine solutions is the detergent used: sodium deoxycholate.

Aqualyx is a micro-gelatin solution with an adipocytolytic effect – which means the breakdown of fat cells.

The preparation contains a sugar sponge with a three-dimensional structure in which there are micro amounts of detergents dissolved in a phosphate solution.

Another positive piece of information is the fact that the obligatory injection technique – the intralipotherapy technique – is the safest and completely painless way to perform this procedure.

It consists in injecting the area with adipose tissue with a special needle – from only one or possibly two injection sites – i.e. during the procedure the patient is pricked with the needle up to two times. This allows for a significant reduction in the risk of complications, which quite often occur during the so-called “injection lipolysis” techniques used so far.

Aqualyx - for whom?

The treatment can be used in places such as:

upper limbs – in the area of ​​the triceps

folds on the back (below the ribs)




the sub-buttock area

inner thighs

inner side of the knees

double chin / modeling the contour of the lower jaw


lipoma and buffalo neck (after antiretroviral therapy)


The best results are achieved in patients who are sufficiently or slightly overweight with localized fat accumulation. Especially in the case of local fatness in women in such places as: hips, breeches, the inside of the knees, which do not decrease despite exercise and diet. Removing excess fat has never been so safe. ATTENTION! Aqualyx is not a slimming preparation If there is a larger amount of adipose tissue to be removed, liposuction will be more effective. Especially if the patient expects quick and more visible results.