Fillers Treatment

Stop time by using a fillerS - hyaluronic acid

Fillers: the treatments for filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid are one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that occurs naturally in the human body, mainly in the skin, in various concentrations. One of its main features is water binding, thus maintaining proper hydration of tissues. Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and gives volume, you can "stop time", smooth wrinkles, model lips and improve the contour of the face. In our clinic, we use the best and proven products as well as innovative cream anesthesia, which guarantees a virtually painless procedure.


The main task of injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin is to smooth it by filling wrinkles and giving the skin volume by improving its contour. It shapes the lips, moisturizes and stimulates the natural regeneration processes of the skin.


Indications for the use of hyaluronic acid preparations:

– filling wrinkles and pits under the eyes

– shallowing of the so-called “Crow’s feet”

– revitalization of the skin around the eyes

– filling wrinkles and folds (e.g. between the eyebrows, on the forehead, around the eyes and folds nasolabial and labio-mandibular),

– volumetry, i.e. restoring the lost volume of the face and improving its outline (e.g. modeling the cheeks),

– lip augmentation and modeling, – reduction of acne scars,

– revitalization of the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands,

– reconstruction of post-traumatic and postoperative changes.


The result of using hyaluronic acid fillers is immediately visible.

We can enjoy the full effect after 2-3 days due to the swelling that may persist after the treatment.

In addition to the filling effect, we also obtain the effect of strong skin stimulation, thanks to which, after absorbing the preparation, the skin is kept in a better condition than before the treatment (hyaluronic acid and collagen have a strong moisturizing effect).

Treatments for smoothing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid are very effective, give immediate results, but they are not treatments that we do once and for all. After 9-12 months, hyaluronic acid preparations are gradually degraded and completely absorbed.

The treatment should then be repeated. Administration of the filler does not require the patient to be excluded from everyday activities.



The treatment consists in injecting hyaluronic acid in the form of a crystalline, very plastic and elastic gel which, when introduced into the skin, fills the wrinkle, giving very natural effects.

They are administered with very thin needles, which reduces pain sensations. In patients sensitive to pain, local anesthesia may be used about 30 minutes – 60 minutes before the procedure.

After injecting the gel into the wrinkle line or into the mouth, the preparation binds water and increases the volume of the area, smoothing wrinkles or modeling the contour of the mouth. The procedure usually takes up to 30 minutes. The result can be seen immediately in the mirror.


On the day of the treatment, you should avoid intense exercise and body heating (sauna, solarium, sun rays) and excessive cold. 

Cold compresses may be applied to the treated areas immediately after the procedure in order to reduce possible swelling, and you must not take aspirin or similar medications. Touching the corrected areas should be avoided for 6 hours after the procedure. 

After 6 hours, you can gently wash the treated areas with soap and water, and apply makeup.

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