Pdo Thread Lift Treatment

PDO Thread Lift:

PDO Thread Lift:

One can observe that people’s skin tends to become thinner and looser as they get older.  Literally, by the time you’re 70, your skin will lose around 80 percent of its thickness.
This is because your skin loses its volume and elasticity when the collagen in your body decreases. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and a lack of collagen leads to excess skin and wrinkles.
Doctors designed face-lift surgery to address this issue over time. The removal and tightening of sagging skin is a benefit of this surgery, but the cost and healing period make it unaffordable for the average person.
Going for surgery isn’t an option for everyone. A new method called the PDO thread lift is developed to bridge the gap between nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery. 

What is PDO Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a treatment in which temporary sutures are used to create a slight but noticeable “lift” in the skin. The cosmetic surgeon suspends the patient’s loose face skin by using a well-known thread namely Polydioxanone (PDO). As a result, the skin is lifted and tightened, making the face appear more youthful.
The threads not only tighten your skin, but when your body tries to “heal” the sutured region, they stimulate new collagen formation. Remember, Collagen is a key component in the aging process. 
you will notice a progressive increase in skin firmness, tone, and volume as a result of this PDO thread lifting method. 

Who can go for the PDO thread lift?

A person between the ages of 30 and 60 is ideal for a PDO thread lift procedure. Your skin’s tone should be healthy, with some early sagging.
If you have a systemic illness like diabetes or cancer, you should not have this surgery done since it might harm your immune system. People with skin sensitivities or highly reactive skin may also have difficulty with a PDO thread lift.

Benefits of PDO thread lift procedure

For many individuals, the main benefit of getting a thread lift instead of a facelift is the shorter recovery period. Thread lift patients may drive themselves home and take care of themselves right after their surgery because it can be done under local anesthesia. After a thread lift, patients seldom require strong pain medication, making it simpler for them to get back to their daily lifestyle. 
Thread lifts also have a low level of risk due to their little invasiveness. After a thread lift, there is almost little chance of scarring, serious bruising, bleeding, or any other consequences. In rare situations, individuals may endure discomfort, infection, or the appearance of their sutures under their skin.
However, if this happens, the sutures can be removed and the patient’s skin will revert to its original form.


PDO Thread lift is very helpful if you don’t want to undergo painful and expensive surgery to deal with your saggy skin and wrinkles. Patients can gain youthful skin through this process quick process.